Please note:
  • Fingerprint scans using the AFISwitch scanner are done on site at our offices once a booking is made
  • However if we have to travel to site then a travel charge is applicable. 
  • Reports / results are made available via fax / e-mail in 24 - 48 hrs.
  • Where a criminal record is detected using AFIS, an initial report is given within 48hrs but the full details of the record are received later from the SAPS. This can take a number of weeks.
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Crim record check using the AFIS Criminal fingerprint (digital scan)
To establish if an individual/job applicant has any criminal records in South Africa-using electronically captured fingerprints
R210 (24hrs) | R375 (4hrs) 
Criminal record check using only ID number
This check has been permanently suspended by the SAPS. Crim checks using just ID number is now only a fingerprint check service.
Financial credit check / ITC
Credit check to assess applicant's financial history using Transunion / Experian
R125 per check
ID Verification
Authenticate individual/job applicants' identities. ID is validated and matched to surname
R125 per check
ID Verification & Fraud Listing
SAFPS database search & ID verification
R125 per check
Principal Trace
A principal trace is a tracing product to supply the latest telephone numbers, addresses and consumer information on an individual.
R125 per check
Drivers Licence
Check drivers' license status. This report provides you with drivers license information including date of issue and expiry, code status as well as endorsements.
R100 per check
Drivers & PDP Check Drivers and public drivers' permit status
R100 per check
Qualification Verifications
Verifies validity of qualifications
Matric Pre-1992 - R200
Matric Post-1992 - R200
South African Tertiary - R200
International- R300
PSIRA Registration
Database check to establish if Security Officer is registered with Private
Security Industry
R90 per check